(or a bunch of questions you may feel the need to ask)


Where do you get your ideas?
This is admittedly the most cliche art question, but one one many feel the need to ask.
I guess most of my ideas come from whatever is going inside my head, whether it's an emotion, a thought, a memory, a dream, or my various neuroses and obsessions. I think most artists and writers are just reacting to their world and feel a certain to express tht reaction. the results depend on the personality or temprament of the artist.

What are your influences?
Music is a big influence. I listen to so much I couldn't list it all. Also, I read a lot when I'm not terribly busy. I'm not terribly picky about genres or what have you. I prefer the classics, horror, children's books, and miscellaneous Bohemian, underground, strange type stuff.
Visually, I'm heavily influenced by the Expressionists, Surrealists, and Symbolists. I am also interested in photographers who manipulate photos such as Saudek, Witkin, Potter, and John Clarence Laughlin. Munch, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt are perhaps my favorite painters.

Yes, but only certain ones. Not very fond of Rodgers and Hammerstein. My favorite musical is Sweeny Todd, The demon Barber of Fleet Street. I guess the title says it all. Big surprise I'd like that one...tee hee. And Caberet is wonderful.

first memory?
My 2nd birthday, sitting on a table, people standing around me, some cake in front of me. Everything until five years old has become a huge blur.

first book?
I recall reading Horton Lays An Egg by that seminal great, Dr. Suess. There was also a book about a little boy who was afraid of monsters but I can't recall the name. I was always very scared of the pictures though. Oh, and I also remember a book called Up the River Without a Paddle, which ahd the most strange and beautiful illustrations I had ever seen.

Do you like being in front of crowds?
heavens no. That's why I like art and literature. The risk of stage fright is very low.
I did some acting in my younger days and a little performance and poetry reading. I am better at it when I am acting like I'm someone else.

scariest, strangest, or most disturbing things you've ever seen?
I thought I found a severed hand once, but it turned out to be a doll's hand. I also unexpectedly found a pile of deer guts behind a barn once. That was certainly disgusting. I have a knack for avoiding anything really horrendous. My mind makes too many scary things up. Celine said that imaginative people are more afraid of death. I'm sure that means something.