St. Artaud playlist for September 28, 1999 
Lounge de Sade
Apollyon productions
Liquid Lounge, Kansas City, MO
(R) denotes request

My Bloody Valentine---Don't Ask Why


Sofia Run---Angel

Legendary Pink Dots---Damien

Bella Morte---Funeral Night

Dali's Car---Create and Melt

Dark Arts---Egeria

Dead Can Dance---Carnival of Light

Siouxsie & the Banshees---Happy House

Christian Death---This Glass House

The Cure---In Your House

Mr. Presto---Secret Spy Music


Black Atmosphere---Music in Plastic

Deep Eynde---Hoodoo

The Wake---Sideshow

Legendary Pink Dots---? ? ? ? ? (R)

Voodoo Church---Steeple Walls

Virgin Prunes---Baby Turns Blue


Skinny Puppy---Mirrorsaw

Executive Slacks---I'm Coming

Lords of Acid---Pussy (R)

Front Line Assembly---Blade

Switchblade Symphony---Clown (R)

Sisters of Mercy---Temple of Love (extended remix)

Kill, Switch . . . Klick---Celebrate the Misery

Joy Division---Digital

Dream Into Dust---The Lost Crusade

Die Form---Masochist 4

followed by DJ Dettmold: industrial, synth pop, dark electronic