St. Artaud playlist for October 26, 1999 
Lounge de Sade
Apollyon productions
Liquid Lounge, Kansas City, MO
(R) denotes request

BATH---New Sleep

Bauhaus---Spy in the Cab

Vehemence realized---Prayer

Siouxsie and the Banshees---Israel

Sunshine Bline---Francis

Apoptygma Berserk---Burnin' Heretic (guitarless edit)

Spahn Ranch---Succumber (remix)

Attrition---Kill the Poor (Dr. Speedlove mix) (R)

Drain---A Bunch of Guys About to Turn Blue (R)

Thi-Linh Le---No Regrets (R)

Mephisto Walz---Mephisto Walz

Rosetta Stone---Nothing (Important)

Odor of Pears---Touch Me (I'm a Freak)

Einsturzende Neubauten---Yü Gung

Loretta's Doll---Voodoo High

The Wake---Sideshow (R)

Corpus Delecti---Saraband

Alien Sex Fiend---I Walk the Line

The Cure---Torture (R)

Penal Colony---Reconciled (remix)

Suspiria---Awfully Sinister

Christian Death---Death Wish (wishful death remix)

followed by DJ Dettmold: industrial, synth pop, dark electronic