A Freakshow of Links

John Waters
Captbitter's favorite. filmaker of the sick and twisted and utterly disgusting aspects of American life. percursor to transgressive cinema. trash extraordinare
Tim Burton
darklingchild's favorite filmaker. Visionary of the dark and surreal. Looks into the state of the individual in a world that despises individuals.
Cranes:Pale Blue Sky
wonderous band of avant garde pop. one of the best bands ever.
st. louis band no longer around. goth electronic with excellent female vocals.
The Cure
no description necessary
Jack Off Jill
hard girlie music. lead singer was the first marilyn manson groupie.
Marilyn Manson
this is the official site and the only one worthwhile in my opinion. say what you will, both of us at neuralgia love them.
former home of ReSearch, a company that has put out some of the most interesting publications ever.
H.R. Giger
modern industrial surrealist painter and designer of Alien fame.
The Plague
a zine featuring industrial music.
Slave Labor Graphics
home of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.
X Industries
home of the newsgroup talk.bizarre
The Ed Gein Power Society
everyone's favorite cannibal