Neuralgia Survey ctd.


1. What are your current projects?
Mostly at the moment, we are preparing for our next local minitour, which begins in February, 1999. As far as longer term projects, I'm designing a real-time digital video synthesis system so I can play video in concert like an instrument. At this point, it looks like I will be writing the software myself, which should take a while but give me a lot of control.

2. What has influenced you the most?
First, I'd say my own inherent strengths and limitations. Second, my fellow bandmate, Diana Blackwell, has definitely been the greatest outside influence on my life. Third, I'd say the local Columbia underground music/art scene, which is very strong and supportive.

3. What is the strangest thing you have ever seen?
I would rather not talk about it.

4. Any favorite horror movies? Why that movie(s)?
Well, I liked Alien, which most people think is a horror movie, but technically I don't think it's horror since it does not involve a supernatural explanation. I liked Alien's plot, the growing tension, and the cinametography. It was very beautiful.

5. What is the strangest thing you have ever done?
I've never really done anything strange. Everything I've ever done seemed perfectly reasonable to me at the time. Of course, other people have considered my actions strange at times. Once a couple caught me smoking a cigarette in the pitch dark of their basement when they didn't know I was on their property. There was a logical explanation but no one is really interested in that.

6. Why, if at all, do you feel drawn to the more unusual side of life?
I'm a conceptual thinker and I like new ideas. I'm not particularly fettered by the viewpoint or preconceptions of my society.

7. Any favorite serial killers? Why that one?
No, I'm against murder. Doing it several times doesn't make it more glamorous.

8. What artist, musician, or writers inspire you?
Currently, I'd say my bandmates for their music, ideas, visual talents, etc. Some of my current musical favorites are Wumpscut, London After Midnight, Switchblade Symphony, Coil, and Skinny Puppy. I'm also inspired by the current SF of Greg Egan, Neal Stephenson, Orson Scott Card, and Greg Bear. As far as lifetime influences, I'd say Chaucer, Shakespeare, Hawthorne, Poe, Asimov, Heinlein, Lovecraft, Peter Singer, Spengler, Steven Hawking, and Noam Chomsky among others.

9. Would you say that life is somewhat absurd?
If by absurd, you mean that we hold two contradictory points of view simultaneously--one our expectations of what will actually occur and the other our ideal design of how things should occur, then I'd say the life is very absurd.

10. Any questions you'd like to ask?
What is the distribution of Neuralgia?

Well, I might hook up with Menschenfiend Productions, who distribute a number of cds and books. Other than that, I don't know. Know anybody who could hook me up?
If you are speaking of numbers. Roughly 300-500. Those are my hopes anyway...

Why can't KC get a darkwave/goth/industrial danceclub that is open on the weekends?
I don't know. I heard about The Shadow, but that was five years before my time. Even if we had another dance on friday or saturday in town I'd be happy.


a)your live shows seem to be very important. how much planning goes into them?
Usually a couple months of planning proceed each show. We make written scripts which cover the cues in excruciating detail. The only unexpected occurrences are screw ups.

b)how important is the total effect of odor of pears(music, visuals, etc.) and why or why not?
Well, I believe that the combination of instrumental music, vocals, dramatic performance, projections, props, and contraptions is Odor of Pear's greatest strength. However, I believe the individual parts of the whole can stand alone on their own merits.

c)Does the theater of the absurd mean anything to you? What exactly?
It is suggestive but I have little formal background in theater.

d)where did you get the name for the band?
Diana. It reminds me of the Rembrance of Things Past.

vol.1 no.3 Fall 1999

Neuralgia Survey
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