Interview With Die Symphony

Zoe Chanvestry got the chance to interview Christian DeVein from Die Symphony, a St. Louis industrial rock band rising to fame. the band has been featured in interface and recieved a fairly good review for their hard-hitting music witha pop sensibility. Their first full-length cd, Foundations of Malice did quite well on local charts and their remix album, which just recently came out a few months ago was wonderful. They will be one of the many bands included in this year's New York Music Fest. here's what Christian, the lead singer and programmer had to say about the band and their music.

ZC:How long have you been working with your band members?

CDV:Our guitarist, Kelly, is my brother, and we have always worked together sicne as long as I can remember. We hooked up with JMe(drums) a couple of months before we began performing live and Jared(keyboards) joined us in August of this year.

ZC:When did you start playing clubs in St. Louis?

CDV:Our first date was in December of '96 at The Galaxy.

ZC:How did you develop the name "Die Symphony?"

CDV:When Kelly and I began this, the intent was to have a name that would describe something big. We made a list of every imaginable idea and the word "Symphony" stuck out. Symphony by itself didn't sound right so we thought "The Symphony," but that still didn't quite click. We then opted to use the German word for "The" giving us "Die" and lox and behold, everything made sense, "Die Symphony." Being as American band we pronounce it "DIE" not "DEE."

ZC:How many bands will be performing in addition to you at the NY music fest? Names?

CDV:The CMJ Music Festival is huge. There will be 1000 bands performing throughout New York City during the four day festival. It's a great oppurtunity for us. Past bands to perform at CMJ include Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Method, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Tool . . . and that's just a few. It's a showcase of the best the world has to offer.

ZC:Do you consider yourself an artist?

CDV:No, but I can fingerpaint.

ZC:Where do you get your insiration from?

CDV: I try to write music that stirs emotion and the only way to do that is to write about what you know. I don't deal with emotions well as a person, so music becomes a way to release. I draw upon my experiences for inspiration.

ZC:Why do you depict images of Christianity in your media?

CDV:I didn't know we did. Whatever religious context we use is in irony. I don't write about religion or anything like that. Manson does enough of that for all of us. I could care less who you pray to

ZC:What toys did you play with as a child?

CDV:I didn't have a lot of toys when I was young. Kelly and I came from a family of musicians so we spent a lot of time in music. Either lsitening or playing.

ZC:Are you planning on releasing a new album in the near future?

CDV:Oh yes. We have already begun working on it. I'm hoping for a release shortly after Christmas.

ZC:What books and magazines do you read?

CDV:I read a lot of non-fiction. Nothing interesting. Just what interests me at the time.

ZC:If fortune had passed you a different hand, what profession do you imagine you would be doing now?

CDV:I don't know. I was bred the way I am. It's sort of a Gattica type of thing. I don't think I had a choice.

Die Symphony's new album "CoDependence Day" is now availible. You can buy a copy at Die Symphony's website

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Interview With Die Symphony

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