Heartland Film Noir Classic Starring Peter Lorre ctd.

I tangoed with the problem,
and slowly drew away.
She must have felt my revulsion grow
with every passing day.
She went to you for comfort,
you seduced her with your charms.
With Lorre's help you stole her
out of my loving arms.
Lorre mocked me while I made love,
he'd make comments about my hair,
comments like
how much I have,
how it grows,
and where.
He'd pass you information
on my deficiencies of love.
Then you'd bait her with the promise
of what she'd been dreaming of.
A log cabin in south of Wichita
a brood of kids to love,
8, total,
counting each hand separate,
With Janus the albino,
her mother's pride and joy.
A dog-faced boy named Terrance,
and 3 sets of Siamese boys,
named Faith, Hope, Love and Charity,
Temperance and Forbearance.
She'd start her own Freak show,
herself of course the star.
She'd erect a roadside billboard,
to flag down passing cars.
A beautiful dream for certain,
but never to come true,
'cause in a roadhouse near Grand Rapids,
I figured out just what to do.

I took a thousand dollars, 
playing scratchers at a bar,
I'd steal a truck in Omaha,
so no one'd recognize my car.
Jack Daniels did the thinking.
Jim Bean did his share too.
We sat there until closing time,
planning what to do.

See, I didn't mean to hurt her,
she shouldn't have felt a thing.
After all, I still loved her,
even after she gave back my ring.
I'd bug a gallon jug of ether,
a case of Nitol too.
A 12 pack of Old Milwaukee,
and before the night was through,
she'd drink my lethal cocktail
and I'd make a change or two
to that brilliant living canvas,
that gelatinous art,
that perfect, pretty picture,
that tore my world apart.>>>

vol.1 no.3 Fall 1999

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