To those interested in Neuralgia, the zine devoted to the sick and twisted, dark and bizarre:

The end has come I am afraid. The cancellations are happening as we speak. Neuralgia is no more.
I have simply lost the will to continue with this project. I have enjoyed doing this zine very much and it has been a learning experience for me. I have met numerous people and helped support many very talented individuals through this venture. In the course of three issues, I have learned more about making a zine than I ever wanted to know. And for that I am thankful.
However, my focus has gone to different concerns and to different projects. I don't have the time to continue with this zine, so must let it go.

I still have many copies of the third issue. If you would like one, please contact me. I will likely give you a copy for free or for trade.

You are also invited to see my new e-zine, Lunatic Moon. The format is more focused than Neuralgia on literature and visual art. You are welcome to contribute as well. Send all inquiries to

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The Collection

Thank you everyone for your support for Neuralgia.

--AR, former editor of Neuralgia