Neuralgia probably wouldn't exist if people didn't submit the work they do. It may sound cheesy, but it's true.

So, what sort of work do we accept? We are looking for poetry, prose, short stories, opinion, ranting, comics, photography, drawings, collage, etc.
We look for the best, most unique and intelligent in the underground. We do have a few guidelines for those interested in submitting work:

1. Please keep in mind our theme is sick and twisted, dark and bizarre with an intelligent and artistic edge. This may encompass many styles and genres, but it doesn't mean you can take license to merely gross people out. You can write challenging literature without being too offputting.

2. All artwork needs to be in black and white. Please do not send originals unless you have copies. Anything sent through the mail won't be returned. I suggest a good photo copy for pen and ink or collage, duplicates of photos are great and easier for us to use. Please do not send color images.

3. Maximum wordcount for all short stories and long poems is 2000. I'm afraid I can't accept anymore.

4. Another note on literature. What are we looking for? Generally I am looking for good characterization, plotting, the usual. A subversive outlook with an innovative or unique style ties it all together. I will not accept the typical horror, sci-fi, romance, or vampire stories unless they deviate from the norm of said genres. Anything along the lines of surrealism, strange tales, or subversion is very welcome.

5. Last but not least, no crap!

We are also looking for cd's, tapes, zines, and videos for review. We are not picky about genre, as long as it deviates from the norm. We are crazy about independent labels and bands! All those who send in material will recieve a free ad if they so desire.

Now that we have discussed that, how will you send your work?
You may send files via email to
We highly recommend you send work through snail mail to this address:
114 E. 43rd St. #5
Kansas City, MO 64111

All artists retain the rights to their work.

P.S.If you are a record label, independent store, band, zine, etc. who would like to advertise in our pages or on our site, please email me at the address above.

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