Oh, why not? Everyone simply adores my incoherent babbling!
Seriously though.
Here is an exciting story about me and music. Actually, just a few things about one of my favorite bands ever. I adore Daisy Chainsaw, I mean simply adore them. I was into them from the moment I heard "Love Your Money," or rather saw the video on an episode of Beavis and Butthead. Strange that it took me four years to actually pick up a copy of the damn album...but I did, and wore it out the first month I had it. At some point I went on a search to see if they had any more releases. It turned out the band broke up shortly after the second album, an album which does not include the wonderful vocals of everybody's favorite acid princess, Katie Jane Garside. It seems she had miraculously disappeared after the first album, whereabouts unknown. Oh, rumours abound as to what happened. She had gone to the mountains or taken up opera.
I got around to browsing a while back and discovered that she and songwriter of Daisy Chainsaw, Crispin Grey, had reconvened for the new band, Queen Adreena. Huzzah! Sadly, they have yet to get that nifty record deal and are only availible on three singles in the UK. You can check them out at The page requires flash, but believe me, it is well worth it.

Other musical matters....I still patiently await another release from Cranes, one of my other favorite bands. No word yet on that. I did pick up the new Nine Inch Nails, which actually surprised me by being so good. More melodic than anything Trent has ever done, more in the tradition of dark and synth pop. Never thought I'd say that. Not so much angry as tired, hurt, lost, and confused. Not the best caliber as far as lyrics go, but that was never Trent's strongest suit. It's the emotion of the music that drives his work. the words only add a dimension of thought

Lately, I've been on a Nick Cave kick. Recently bought a collection of his videos. Red Right Hand was rather appropriate and I liked In The Ghetto. Where The Wild Roses Grow was fine, but a bit of a let down--I was expecting more of a narrative than just little drowned Kylie singing away and tarting it up. But it was a nice jump from The Locomotion. Actually Tupelo was the biggest letdown. It was a good idea but needed better filming
Anyway, my taste has been making a big shift within the past year anyway. Perhaps not a shift, but I'm more aware of what I like. Some good new stuff is Loretta's Doll, The Blackwater(even though I can't find any of their albums around here!), and ofcourse Queen Adreena...

Many people ask me what kind of music I listen to. It is easiest to say gothic and industrial, but I'm afraid that doesn't really encompass Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Sixteen Horsepower, My Bloody Valentine, Suede, Patti Smith, or whatever else I discover. Dark is probably a good word, as is underground. I don't think any of my tastes are very categorizable. I suppose with any artform, I respect depth of emotion and expression. Pure technical ability, danceability, or melody alone aren't enough to attract me. Now, I have an awful lot of cd's(roughly 200 at this point, i think) and so much doesn't really make sense, but it's perfectly reasonable to me.