Heartland Film Noir Classic Starring Peter Lorre

We met while walking backward
In an easterly direction.
We met here, leaning idly
on the phone booth at Creation
waiting patiently for a call from God 
that would garuntee salvation.
You said, "I don't mind what dreams may come,
It's the waiting here tht kills me."
So we packed our woes in carpetbags,
and headed north to Grimsby
where we came to a cheap motel
over a gal named Sable Staci,
she was albino, she was Asian.
She worked as a tattooed lady
in a freakshow south of Fargo,
but that's another story.
She was 400 pounds of sweaty lust.
And there, tattooed on her bust,
was the face of Peter Lorre.

It didn't really bother me,
till the night she sang that song,
till that Karaoke bar in Bismark,
When Peter Lorre sang along.
It was that song from Casablanca
(the movie not the place)
And with every nasal whine and note
the smile on Lorre's face
grew to hideous proportions!
And I knew I must erase
the sneering lips, the bulging eyes
of Peter Lorre's face.>>>

vol.1 no.3 Fall 1999

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